Notifications for Chapter Meetings

Tue, 04/10/2018 - 15:00
by Marc Frink - Kansas City CPCU Society Chapter Webmaster

Greetings everyone.  We have discovered that some chapter members are not receiving meeting notifications that are sent via email by Terri Schoonover, our chapter's Executive Director.

If you are a member and have not been receiving email notifications, it may be due to your company email system's restriction on inbound emails from some or all external sources.  Here are a couple of suggested options to help you stay informed about upcoming chapter meetings.

  1. Visit our chapter website each month.  Information regarding our chapter meetings is posted at:   This information includes Yes and No RSVP links, so you can let the chapter know whether you will be attending specific chapter meetings.
  2. Information regarding our chapter meetings is also posted on on and on
  3. Change the preferred email address on your Institutes profile.  Go to  Log onto your account using your Institutes ID and password.  Click on the Personal Info tab.  In the Account Information box, if your preferred email address is a company email, then click on the email address to edit it.  You can then add a personal email address if one is not already displayed.  Click on the radio button next to the personal email address to indicate it is the preferred address.  Click on the Update button.  Logout of your account.

We invite you to attend our chapter meetings and our annual Insurance Festival, whenever your schedule allows you to do so!  Our meetings include a nice meal, an informative program, and an opportunity to network with one another.  


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