Mar 9
Chapter Meeting

March Chapter Meeting - Virtual

03/09/23 1:00pm to 2:00pm

Join us for "The Art of Ethical Negotiations".  

This session will establish a roadmap to ethical negotiations. Starting with the six steps in a successful negotiation and including the three principles in the art of negotiations. With this, we will establish the framework for negotiating. Turning our focus to the concept of “something for everybody”, which makes everybody a “winner” and ensuring that terms are fair and equitable. We will explore the five behaviors in negotiations where we could potentially cross ethical boundaries. The final five questions outlined here should always be on our minds as we negotiate in “good faith”.

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Mike Koscielny

CEO and Founder
Born2Lead, LLC

Mike Koscielny, CEO and Founder, Born2Lead, LLC
After nearly 45 years building and leading effective underwriting, sales, product and operations teams, Mike is focusing on his next mission and his true calling. Mike’s passion is sharing his real-life experiences alongside his grasp of the fundamentals for success in business and in life. Teaching and coaching are just some of his superpowers, his openness and willingness to share make him a “builder of people”. Mike's impact on the CPCU Society is Legendary. His easy-going, engaging presentation style captivates his audiences.