Jan 22
Chapter Meeting

2018 January Chapter Meeting

01/22/18 11:30am to 1:00pm

Insurance Bowl IX – What's Your Insurance IQ?

Welcome to CPCU 2018! This session will keep everyone engaged and test your insurance intelligence quotient. We will touch on current events, insurance history, regulation, and being compliant.  We’ll test product knowledge for items currently affecting our United States industry, and how global events interact in the USA. Bring a co-worker to net-work and join in this learning program! 

Bring your Smartphone so we can test your knowledge individually or in small groups.  Will your Insurance IQ win a prize?



Monday, January 22nd

11:30am - 1:00pm



Swiss Re - Auditorium A

5200 Metcalf Ave

Overland Park, KS



FREE to members with paid membership dues

$15 non-members and those with unpaid membership dues


Lunch will be provided.  RSVP to kccpcu@gmail.com by Wednesday, 1/17!